Copy China - Droog Design

2013 Richard was asked to participate in the Droog Design project called Copy China, later renamed The New Originals. A team of 4 designers, two Dutch and two Chinese, participated in the project. While Chinese companies and the government strive to shed their copycat reputation, The New Original project suggests that the process of imitation can be more than mere replication when small adaptations are made to the knock-off goods, potentially driving innovation. Richard took for his project traditional Chinese objects as a starting point. For his Handle with tea-pot he took a traditional Chinese tea-pot and replaced the handle for a modern cloth iron handle, to improve the ergonomics. For the Tea fro Two teapot, Richard made a copy within the copy, doubling both the spout and the handle of the pot. With his Lampion light bulb he translated the traditional Chinese lantern into the shape of a LED light bulb.

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